Sunday, January 16, 2011


I love Gossip girl! I know it's super teenage-y and borders on over hyped drama, but I've been hooked on it since it started. I love the clothes especially Blair's, Lily's exquisite jewelery , Blair & Chuck at war and Dan. (Though I absolutely love Blair and Chuck, I sometimes feel Blair and Dan would make for such an interesting couple).

I loved the first season with their quirky twists to their school uniforms. Plaids, argyle, preppy, big bags, gray, red lips, thigh high socks, over the knee boots and lace up boots were big this winter and it's fun to harness a bit of a Gossip Girl school look to your every day outfits! I created a set from Polyvore as an ode to Gossip Girl's first season...just for fun! :)



Virgi said...

I love gossip girl too!!
I follow you now!
really nice blog!

Chatterpants said...

@Virgi, aww thank you :)