Sunday, January 2, 2011

I must. I must. I must.

I read a funny quote recently, " I made a resolution about 10 years ago to never make a New year's resolution. I've been 100% successful."

For years on January 1st I would fish out a brand new little diary and neatly pen down my new year's resolutions ( I like to start the success from day 2 as I feel the 31st madness spills over to day 1 as we're all still groggy and trying to recuperate) Within the next fifteen days to a month what followed.. well, let's just say is a different story! ;P

Last year I didn't make any resolutions and led myself to think that January first did not mean that things will be clearer than they were the day before. It was just the first day of another year

Come to think of it, "isn't it better to look back at the year before , not in judgement, but because that year is over? Why not take this time to look forward and realize that this is the beginning, but not "THE" beginning. " - here. How about we just be more positive and work towards a better life and a better you on a day to day basis rather than confining ourselves to creating a list of " I will's and I must's?"

Not! ( Borat style ;P )

I am back to making them this year. I missed glancing at my diary every now and then and scolding myself for being bad or indisciplined regarding my resolutions. I know I make um' and break um' , but just the feeling of being positive and writing one's do's and dont's for a better you/year is super self satisfying :)

Here's my top 5:

  1. I Must and I Will learn how to cook
  2. I Must and I Will learn to ride a motorcycle
  3. I will stop biting my nails
  4. I Must and I Will stop being lazy and lead a healthier lifestyle (sleep discipline, eating better and getting fit)
  5. I Must and I Will be more positive and not unnecessarily worry and get hassled by trivial things

If I can work any three out of five, I've done myself proud! :D.

What are your 2011 resolutions? Have you made them work for you?

Cheers to a new me and a new you. 2011....bring it!


Fashion Cappuccino said...

I definitely agreed with you. Every year, I told myself to be more positive. Some years, I failed and some years, I don't. Hopefully this year will be the best. Happy New Year :-) xoxoxoxoo

kirstyb said...

i must learn how to cook x