Monday, January 24, 2011

Fashion is edible!

Haute cuisine, Cuisine couture or Fashion meets food. Gotta Love it!









Chanel-Cake-     Food Fashion


Lifelike Designer Handbag Cupcakes

Funky Junq Recycled Aluminum Soda Pop Can Art  CUPCAKE NECKLACE DIET COKE COCA COLA

Funky Junq Recycled Aluminum Soda Pop Can Art RED BULL ENERGY DRINK STAR EARRINGS REDBULLPEPSI COLA HELLO KITTY NECKLACE Funky Junq Recycled Aluminum Soda Pop Can Art

Although, it's known that Karl Lagerfield often dictates a size zero image for his muse and models which I'm not too happy about, I must say, the man can make McDonald's look sexy!

How gorgeous are these cakes and cupcakes? I don't think I could ever eat them. They're just too pretty to be gobbled up.

The high fashion logo lollipops are designed by Massimo Gammacurta. They come in different flavors including watermelon, pomegranate, wild cherry, apple and caramel. What a Genius!

I found these soda brands converted into jewelery so interesting. They are available on Etsy with the name 'funky junq'. I seriously wouldn't mind owning a few.

He may not be fashionable, but boy do I love this guy ;) (Spongebob). My birthday cake last year! And yes, I'm 5! :D

Seeing these pictures is giving me a serious craving for food...hmmm shopping?

Photo credit: Google and personal


Fashion Cappuccino said...

OMG, I'm dying over this post! The first quote and the chanel burger! Genius! Love all the food inspired by their designers! I find Karl to be funny and outrageous; I don't really take what he said seriously because I truly believe that one should take the ultimate responsibility for their bodies. xxoxooxxoo

Emma (Scrapbook de la Emma) said...

haha i was just gonna type now im hungry and want to shop, oh the love'
Scrapbook de la Emma