Sunday, November 28, 2010

Little Shikha ;)

Top left: The Playboy bunny, Top middle: A butterfly and crown, Top right: Batman
Bottom left: I heart the 80's, Bottom middle: Danger skulls, Bottom right: Hello Kitty

I refuse to grow up! :) The closest people in my life know that my actual age is 5. It's only with them I can truly act like a kid and they will still love me. However, my penchant for all things childish can certainly amuse them at times.

For example, the other day I went out for coffee with my bf and wore a pair of cute (okay, I find them cute) stud earrings. When he caught a flash of my bright yellow studs he smilingly said "Pandz, you know you're not 2yrs old right?". I gave him a biiiig smile and said " Yup, I'm 5!!!" :D

Featured above is my little collection of stud earrings. I love collecting studs with cute shapes, cartoons, and characters. And yes, I do wear them. They make me happy :)

P.S. I was rockin' the yellow I heart the 80's studs on my coffee outing!

I am now on the lookout for the following:

Friday, November 26, 2010

Remembering our heroes

Two years ago on 26/11/2008, India came to a standstill as we faced one the world's worst terror attacks. I just wanted to take a minute and remember all those who lost their lives and the heroes whose sacrifice and valiant courage will never be forgotten by all Indians.

We often get so busy and continue to carry on with our daily lives that we sometimes forget to even pause for a minute and be thankful for even being able to lead and live this wonderful life.

For 3 days special forces such as the Police force, the Marcos group and the National Security Guards fought and sacrificed their lives for the country. I often think of the ordeal these brave men faced and wish there was a way I could honor them.

Today, I will take a moment out of my busy life to pay tribute to the REAL HEROES of 26/11 and pray for all those people who lost their lives on this unfortunate day. Light a candle, take a minute to pray or even keep this day in your thoughts, do a little something to acknowledge this day.

November 26th- a day to be thankful for 'life'

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Must. Pen. Down. Thoughts!

Hello hello. I finally started my own blog :) Well, I was an English major in college and even took creative writing classes to fuel my passion for writing. Unfortunately, over the years the only writing practice i got is via email and power point presentations! Blog-writing for me is a lot like free-writing or journal writing. With my ability to talk the ear off a corn cob, (hence, the pen name chatterpants :p) I realized it was high time I pen down my thoughts. Welcome to my little "thought" refuge. It feels good to write again so thank you so much for indulging me ;)