Sunday, January 30, 2011

Go Green

After indulging myself with far too many wedding goodies I got the other day, I tuned my radar back on health mode. I popped into Fabindia and bought myself some 'Tulsi Green Tea' I've been yearning for.

Tulsi Green Tea in my favorite tea mug

"Tulsi" (Holy Basil) is known for its stress relieving and calming properties. It has been revered in India for over 5000 years as a healing balm for the body, mind and spirit. I'm sure we all know that Green tea has potent fat burning properties and the combination of "Tulsi" with Green Tea promote healthy metabolism. Both are are known to be rich and abundant in antioxidants which have a vast array of remarkable health benefits- reduces stress, boosts stamina and energy, helps fight colds and coughs, helps in slimming and weight management.

I got happier when I read the label and found it to be 100% certified organic.

It's calming, soothing and slimming. Sure sounds good to me! :)

P.S. Now I love my chocolate and am liking my green tea, but tying the two together? What were they thinking? I'll pass....what about you Shrek?

Green Tea Kit Kat bar (Japan)


Fashion Cappuccino said...

OMY! Green Tea Kit Kat Bar!? I think I'm missing out! I need to go find that asap! I always told myself I need to start drinking green tea everyday but have yet to start. It look so good! Have a great weekend! xoxoxoo

Marie said...

Green Tea Kit Kat Bar? It looks so yummy :>

Chatterazzi said...

@fashion Cappuccino: Haha, but, i seriously wonder how would this green chocolate benefit? lol. but definitely try some green tea. It's been helping me little by little

@Marie: yeah apparently in Japan, it comes, in watermelon, pineapple, and blueberry flavors too! :P