Saturday, January 29, 2011

My kind of sugar rush :)

In India, when you get sent a wedding invitation card, it's usually accompanied with a box of "mithai"(Indian sweets). I on the other hand, am not a "mithai" person. I don't know how many of my fellow Indians are going to hate me for saying this :s but, I find Indian sweets to be waaaay too sweet. A couple of bites and one usually experiences a sugar rush that can go on for 72 hrs! I'm a cake, chocolates, cupcakes, chocolate cookies, macaroons kind of gal :)

However, I was recently invited to a wedding and this is what I got along with the card,

Goodbye diet, hello Mr. Rocher! :D:D:D


CC said...

Huh, funny. I was invited to a wedding just a day back and got a box of Ferrero Rochers too.
It's so good, right? :)

Chatterpants said...

@CC: lol. loooove um! I've scarfed so many of them already :s