Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wooed by Woo!

I first noticed this delicate, simple yet beautiful piece of jewelery in the Gossip Girl episode titled 'Never Been Marcused', where Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester), wore the famous "BW" initial necklace by designer Alex Woo. I then went online and looked up this wonderful jewelery designer and fell in love with every gorgeous, sophisticated and absolutely charming jewelry item in her Little Icons Collection. I've seen 'Blair' wear so many of her cute pieces throughout the show and have seen various celebrities sporting her collection too.

The one below is what started my love for Alex Woo's line.

Just wanted to show you some of her remarkable designs. S0 sleek, contemporary and cute!

Little Number 4 in 14kt Yellow GoldLittle Luck Clover in Sterling SilverLittle Single Note 2 in 14kt White Gold with DiamondsLittle Double Note 1 in 14kt Yellow Gold
Little Faith Om in Sterling SilverLittle Faith Wing in 14kt Yellow GoldLittle Princess Lock in 14kt White Gold with Diamonds Little Princess Crown in 14kt White Gold with Diamonds

Little Vegas Rings in 14kt Yellow GoldLittle Vegas Spade in 14kt Yellow GoldLittle Baby Girl Ducky  in Sterling SilverLittle Baby Moon Cloud in 14kt Yellow Gold
Little Seasons Acorn in 14kt White Gold with DiamondsLittle Seasons Snowflake in 14kt White Gold with DiamondsLittle Signs Lion (Leo) in 14kt Yellow GoldLittle Signs Twin Stars (Gemini) in Sterling Silver

This is the one I want and planning to purchase. Perfect for spring!


Emily Anne said...

thanks for posting this!
I adore all of the necklaces and whatnot!
they are very nice.
I love the bee one as well!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

They're so cute! I actually like the same necklace as you too! The bee! It would look lovely on everything! xoxoxoo

Not quite beautiful said...

Ah so cute! i love them all.



Marcy said...

Those necklaces are too cute


ClassyandFabulous said...

these are u cute! love the bee one

Chatterazzi said...

@EmilyAnne: yeah I love her jewelery, her site has some fabulous pieces

@FashionCappuccino: Ive ordered it. can't wait :)

@Notquitebeautiful: i agree, found some of them sooo cute and simple to wear!

@Marcy: :)

@Classyandfabulous: one of my fav's too!