Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hair TLC

I have long hair. I had loooooooong hair. It was down to my waist, but last month I cut about four inches off as I was tired of all the poking. Split ends...yikes! It's still pretty long and now with the dry needle pokey bits gone, my hair is so much more healthier.

I'm super particular about hair care. I always have been, but over the past 2 to 3 years I've been taking extra care as I noticed a drastic change in the texture of my hair when I was studying in Australia. I came back to India and again my hair texture went for a toss. It must be due to the difference in water, climate, eating habits, study and work stress. Plus as a student, I know I didn't maintain my hair care routine the way I should have. I was left with dry, parched and lifeless hair. My hair was screaming for some lovin' so now I drink more water, added cod liver oil to my diet (oh my god! Nasty to taste, but super shiny hair and glowy skin. You MUST try it!) and have started using products to help it.

My hair care routine now consists of weekly oil massages and getting monthly deep conditioning hair spas as well as buying superior hair care products suited for my hair and boy, have I noticed such a BIG difference!

I wanted to share a few of hair products I recently bought. I don't use a lot of products in my hair on a daily basis but when I blow dry or straighten my hair once or max twice a month, I ensure I use products to protect and prevent hair damage.

Here's my current hair stash...

The Body Shop FSC hair brush- firm yet soft bristles which don't pull on hair. Great for thick hair types

TRESemme No Frizz Shine Spray- light and doesn't weigh your hair down. It leaves my hair soft and shiny. It's one of the best shine sprays I've used so far!

Schwarzkopf leave in shine treatment- I'm sure it's more of a marketing gimmick, but this product easies the frizz and gives a shimmery sheen to my hair. Reason to buy: it has tiny glittery gold flecks which shine and reflect in your hair. I couldn't resist!
TRESemme Heat Tamer Protectant Spray- can't recommend this product enough. It's light, really protects, gives a nice shine and smells pretty. It made my hair super super super soft. Definite MUST buy!

Aussie 3 minute miracle Sydney Smooth- Amazing would be one word to describe this product. It's a deep conditioner sent by heaven. It reconstructs and repairs damaged dry hair so well, I believe that my hair has probably gotten better because of this product solely! :) And I absolutely love the way it smells...fruity and delicious. For finer hair I would say use sparingly. Since I have really thick hair, I take a dive into it!

If there's one product you which could help you turn into the next Victoria's Secret model?...grab this! (well, at least the hair part will be covered ;)

Toni&Guy Moisture Injection curl relaxant- I specifically uses this once in a while
when I have to straighten my hair. I have fairly straight hair but when I want them super sleek straight I use a tiny dab of this on damp hair. It helps in relaxing waves and curls ensuring sleeker, straighter hair

Boots Essential Styling Mousse- haven't used this yet as I rarely use mousse. Thought I'd give it a try to see how well it works! It has heat protection an extra conditioning.

Have you tried any of these products. What are some of your favorite worth recommending? know any nice hair care tips? Would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations!


R. said...

Thanks for this post! I have mid length thick hair and I'm trying to grow it out so I'm always looking for tips on keeping it healthy :) I've been wanting to get a new hair brush and that one seems perfect!!

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Fashion Cappuccino said...

I have really long hair too and I haven't use any hair products other than my shampoo and conditioner. I'll definitely try out the TRESemme products as I need shine in my hair :-)xoxoxoxo

RepublicOfChic said...

The Fashion Bombay girls, also great hair like you, swear by Body Shop. I prefer Lush which is pretty similar. I'm freaked out by chemicals on my hair. Maybe its not so bad and i should experiment a bit. Also I sooo need education on styling products which you're helping with :) Thanks muchly! :)

Chatterazzi said...

@R: The Boday Shop hair brush is excellent! Do try it.

@Fashion Cappuccino: TRESemme is perfect for shine and softness!

@Republicofchic: I don't like chemical either, i use these products sparingly, but I'm really into conditioning which had helped. I will defo try Lush, i love all their other products! :)