Sunday, February 27, 2011

The wedding bells toll!

Next week I'll be heading out of the city towards Punjab for my cousin brother's wedding. Past few weeks, my mom, sister and I, have been scrounging markets to find the perfect clothes, jewelery and accessories for this wedding extravaganza. I'm still getting my clothes made and this weekend we went and bought a bit of jewelery. Posted below are some trinkets I purchased. The jewelery pictured below is muted gold with pale pink precious stones. It's imitation "kundaan" work. The "real" kundaan, gold or diamond jewelery I plan to wear, is safely tucked into my mom's little jewel case which I haven't had access to yet ;P

The earrings, necklace and "maang tikka" (worn on the forehead)

Indian weddings are lavish and glamorous. The clothes, jewelery, makeup, the people, the food, the usual 5 to 6 ceremonies, the decor, everything is a celebration. I'm pretty excited about my cousin's wedding, we haven't had a close relative getting married since long, so we're all waiting with bated breath to celebrate with such fervor and gusto!!! :D Yay! just a week left to dance, dress up and hog my week away!

What do you think of the jewelry I bought? I'll try doing some posts on what I'll be wearing or had worn once I'm back. I still have to go hunting for shoes, a clutch and other accessories. Geez, the way I'm going about it, someone might think it's my wedding!!! yikes! :)


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Kaleido Mind said...

wow, those jewels are GORGEOUS!!! good luck trying NOT to outshine the bride;)

mode. said...

so pretty! just found your blog... lovely.
<3 mode.