Monday, December 6, 2010

"There's no place like home" Click click click!


Since morning I've been humming a current favorite song and it inspired me to write about a color I was obsessed with as a kid (Although I will admit, I still am). My fascination for this shiny, gorgeous color started with my childhood love for the movie, 'The Wizard of Oz'. I think I must have watched it well over 30 times! I remember begging my mom to buy me Dorothy's red ruby slippers. I felt a pair of those beautiful glistening jewels would make my every step magical.

After much fuss, I did land myself a pair of Dorothy lookalike red sequined ballet slippers and wore them every day! I wore them to school, to the playground, at home. Boy, I must have looked tacky, but those little red glitter shoes made me happy, special and safe! Right, I said safe. Whenever I would feel unsure of myself in a surrounding I wasn't to familiar with or a little scared, I remember clicking my shoes and muttering under my breath, "There's no place like home!" It did calm my nerves and yes, I had a highly over active imaginative brain :)

It's nearing Christmas as well, so what a wonderful color to begin the holiday spirit. I've posted some pictures of things I would love or look beautiful in this gem of a color.

An ode to my inner Dorothy!

These gorgeous Christian Louboutin glittered platform pumps in Ruby red. The 21st century version of Dorothy's ballet slippers ;) Absolute love!

Mac Ruby Woo. Lush. Rich. Glamour!

China Glaze in Ruby Pumps. This color is super shiny with the most brilliant ruby red sparkles. It's especially perfect for the holidays. Get glittery goodness in 2 to 3 applications. The name just beckons me :)

A gleaming red glitter dog collar for a little "Toto" (Dorothy's dog) I hope to get ;)

I'm not really fond of heart shapes, but this gorgeous red heart resin necklace caught my eye. It just seems like it's about to burst with juicy ruby goodness. I could make an exception in this case and happily wear it :)

The Chanel J12 Limted Edition. The dial is set with 84 diamonds and 12 rubies, the bezel is set with 36 rubies, and the crown features a cabochon ruby. Mamma Mia!


How can anyone think of red, ruby or cherry and not remember Valentino. One of my favorite designers. I've always had a vision of a gown, if red, had to be from the absolutely wonderful man himself, Valentino. Timeless, elegant, feminine and luxurious. I am in complete awe of this man's craftsmanship. How beautiful are his designs from the Valentino Retrospective collection!

I could certainly polish off these edible ruby glitter cookies in no time! Yummmm!

P.s. The song I was humming all day long is Kaiser Chiefs- Ruby:

Enjoy! :)


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