Friday, June 3, 2011

Back with a Bang!

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack! Okay, before you swear off my blog thinking I sound like that squealy little girl from the movie 'Poltergeist', just wanted to bring in to notice that I'm back in blogging mode! :) Little blog, how I've missed you, come here you, give me a big hug! Yes, as you can see how 2 months away from blogging makes me sane :P Well sanity was surely lost as I was horribly sick (severe stomach infection) and stressed out from a killer job that the doctor prescribed a month of nothing but bed rest, soups and nimbu paani (lemonade). I have recuperated, gotten my energy back and am ready to take on the world! Without of course, food fit for a king! I'm still rocking bland, soupy, blah food for another month. Damn you slightly funny looking mangoes (and I don't even like mangoes!!!), I knew you looked evil (yup, the cause of the infection). Ne hoo, moving away from this illness rant,

I'm super happy because I bought me a lil something from a blog shop. I follow this lovely blog and she just started a blog shop where she's selling cutesy rings, pendants and more at superb prices! She'll be adding more pieces soon so please make sure you check it out.

I bought myself a delicate wing ring. I love the subtlety of it, soft angel wings reminding me to have faith and signifying a 'flight' of freedom to do what I want. I like to have meaning to my things :) Happy to restart the blogging with a new gift for moi!

Here's what came delivered!

The quality was great and true to the pictures posted. Loved the packaging!

Thanks Classyandfabulous/FashionPh.D. Looking forward to some more goodies! :D


ClassyandFabulous said...

THANK YOU so much. u are awesome and the ring looks great on u!

i dont like mangoes either! i cant believe i actually found another indian who doesnt like them. cos whenever i tell ANYONE how i dont like mangoes theyr like WHAT KIND OF AN (north) INDIAN ARE YOU!?

Pandora`s Box said...

Lovely ring. It`s like wearing your very own guardian angel :) Hope you feel better soon.